A non-displaced fracture

In the past 6 years, Scott and I have had to deal with lots of situations that are just a part of being parents. We’ve been through teething, potty training, allergic reactions, stomach bugs, kids wandering off at the store or in the front yard, teeth being knocked out, tonsilitis, hair cutting, and many more that I can’t even think of right now. We know the kids have even more in store for us.

If you’ve read Scott’s blog, then you already know what happened today. It actually all began on Friday morning. That morning, Zachary was unusually fussy. I thought it was because he and Timothy had woken up earlier than is usual for them. I was more than happy to hold Zachary in my lap throughout the morning. He didn’t mind that I needed to put him down from time to time to tend to his brother. About 10am, I noticed that Zachary would cry every time I picked him up to help him get into my lap. He was very sensitive around his right shoulder.

After watching him for a while, I decided he must have pulled a muscle or slept on his arm wrong. Hurt necks and shoulders have been pretty commonplace around here lately. Cramer, our 8 year old Dachshund, has developed a case of arthritis in his front right shoulder. I had a pretty bad crick in my neck and shoulder just a couple weeks ago. So, I gave Zachary some tylenol and decided to see if he improved through the weekend. We were very careful to lift him without putting our hands in his armpits. I informed his teachers at church that his shoulders were sore, so they would be careful when lifting him.

Last night was a rough night. Zachary woke up several times crying. This morning, he was really favoring his right arm to the point that he couldn’t even hold his milk cup. It was time to call the doctor on this one. I made an appointment for 10:30.

At the doctor’s office, first the doctor examined Timothy. He’d noticed that Timothy had a runny nose, so he decided to check him out. Timothy protested by saying, “I’m not sick! Zachary is.” Timothy was right. He has a little cold, but who doesn’t right now? Next, the doctor checked Zachary’s ears, nose, and throat. He found that Zachary had tonsilitis. Right when I was about to mention the real reason we were there, the doctor asked about Zachary’s arm. After examining his arm and shoulder, the doctor sent us down the hall for an x-ray.

Zachary did a great job getting the x-ray. The radiologist had him sit on a box and asked that I help him look up by waving my hand in the air. Zachary is quite a ham. All I had to do was tell him to say “cheese” and that one was done. Then, they needed an x-ray of him leaning back a little with his head turned to one side. It only took one try to get it done.

After a bit, the radiologist handed me the report to take back to the pediatrician. It was folded. I suppose that means that I wasn’t supposed to look at it, but I looked anyway. There it was — there is a non-displaced fracture in the middle third of the right clavicle. In other words, he has a broken collar bone. I’ve now learned that a non-displaced fracture is one in which the bones are still more or less lined up. If you’re going to have a broken collar bone, this is the kind to have.

We went back to the pediatrician and Zachary was fitted for a clavicle splint. Because he is, as the doctor referred to him, a stocky little fellow, he is in the second smallest splint available. It’s just almost too big for him. It goes on so tight that his shoulders are pulled back like he is a “soldier standing at attention.” It’s amazing to watch Zachary’s face change from a look of pain to a look of relief when he gets his splint on correctly. He’ll be wearing the splint 24 hours a day for the next two weeks and then anytime except bedtime / bathtime for the two weeks after that.

Poor little guy. He’s not even two years old and he’s broken his first bone. Honestly, we’re amazed the other two survived toddlerhood without any broken bones. Zachary was supposed to be the balanced one. He was the only child who crawled and he walked later than the others. I guess he fits in with the rest of us afterall.



5 thoughts on “A non-displaced fracture

  1. Stocky? He just has big bones. I’ll bet you could see his big bones on the x-ray.

    When your collar bone was broken, anytime you complained about it hurting, all we had to do was make it tighter.

  2. We had our first broken bone last year! Mathew has managed to make it almost 11 years, Nicole broke her wrist at 7. My prayers will be with you two as parents also. What a tough thing to go through!

  3. By some mericle Ginger has managed 29 years without a broken bone. Of course there’s Maliki, and although he hasn’t broken anything, Ginger DOES have to rush him to the emergency room to have something sewn up on a regular basis.
    I’ll get the little guy on our prayer chain, and Mommy and Daddy, too. These things are usually harder on them than on the kids.

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