Seeds of Faith

Kids are amazing. They can take a hard situation and teach us something about God. And, they don’t even know they are doing it! They don’t have to make lesson plans and figure out exactly how they are going to say something. They just have to be themselves.

It’s been one of those weeks. On Tuesday, Scott came home with no voice. On Wednesday, he went to the doctor and learned that he has laryngitis and is highly contagious. It’s viral, so all we can do is treat the symptoms and avoid his germs.

I don’t know if it’s because he’s recently started going to mission friends or because of the mishaps that have occurred lately, but Timothy has started developing an interest in praying for others. Each night, we all gather as a family in the boys’ bedroom and say a simple bedtime prayer. Generally, it is a prayer of thankgiving that we say in unison. Even Zachary is starting to pick up some of the words. Monday night, after learning of Zachary’s broken collar bone, we decided to pray for Zachary as part of our prayer.

Last night, as we started saying our prayer, Timothy asked “what do I pray for tonight?” He decided to pray for daddy’s voice to come back, I would pray for Zachary, and Emily would pray for Gran and Ol’ Granddad. As soon as we were done praying, Timothy asked Scott if he could talk yet. Scott told Timothy that he can talk a little. Timothy got very excited seeing his prayer being answered. He said, “His voice is back! I prayed for his voice!”

Today, Scott returned to work. He is not 100% better yet, but was able to make it through class this morning. Zachary is on the mend. His clavicle splint is a little big, so it keeps slipping off his shoulder. The doctor has ordered an extra-small for him, so we will trade it in tomorrow. He really hasn’t slowed down much. More than once, I have had to help him off a chair that he’s climbed onto. He’s taking motrin around the clock, and that seems to be relieving his pain. The tonsilitis isn’t bothering him a bit. Thanks to everyone for the get well wishes / prayers!

Thank you, Timothy, for reminding us to have faith.



4 thoughts on “Seeds of Faith

  1. How sweet! Yes, faith is something that we must learn over and over again at times. How awesome is God that he uses some of the smallest voices to teach the greatest lessons?

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