Gifted and talented (and darn cute)

My daughter continues to amaze and astound me. One of the biggest stunners of my life was last spring when she was awarded the Dancer of the Year Award in her ballet school.  Out of the entire school, all levels of ballet, she was selected as the Dancer of the Year.  I still think about it and . . . wow.  I really am speechless.  Today, I was blown away again. 
  Lori and I try to keep a very close eye on what Emily is doing in school.  We both feel that parental involvement in school work is essential for success.  We were both lucky enough to have parents that cared about our education and helped us excel in school.  We want to provide that for our children as well.  Well, Emily has been doing very well in school and, to our knowledge, meeting all her deadlines and doing all the work required.  She has homework at least 2 or 3 nights a week and we make sure she does exactly what she should be.  We let her do all the work but we work with her closely.  Anyways, I thought she was an decent student.  She struggled with a few concepts along the way, so I didn’t really expect too much out of her.  Come to find out, she’s a little bit better than I thought. 
  Lori and I went to a conference with her teacher and learned that despite her being the youngest person in her class, she has the highest reading level in her class.  She aced some test (TRPI) that is used as a measure of her reading level.  She is at a 2.3 reading level (2nd grade, 3rd month).  Her teacher would like to have her tested for the gifted and talented program.  She is one of four in her class in the advance level mathematics.  Lori and I were careful to ask if her behavior and social skills were where they needed to be.  Emily is a gifted and talented and well-adjusted first grader.   We are very proud of her. 
  I know all of you grandparents out there love to here this kind of stuff and I love bragging on my daughter.  If you tire of such things, you are on the wrong blog, my friend. 
  By the way, not to leave the other kids out, Zachary has become a talker, not just gibberish but a communicator.  However, he’s also developing a strong will, as expected with the youngest child in the family.  Timothy is learning his sounds and can recognize the beginning sound in word for at least 7 or 8 different letters.  We were surprised to learn that just this week when he was explaining to us what letters started words like dog, castle, bear, apple, etc.


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