Eating Bon-Bons

Last night, Scott told me that I need to do some blogging. He wants to know how I spend my days. So, I thought I’d post a little about what I am up to these days. Timothy is currently playing on the computer and Zachary is sitting here beside me playing with some toy keys.

I don’t know if my readers know that I have managed to commit myself to 3 parttime jobs. Back in May, I applied for a part time job with the Hale County Literacy Council. When I did not get that job, I found myself applying for several part time jobs around town. I do not “need” to be working right now, but welcome the extra cash that allows Timothy to attend Mother’s Day Out and Emily to take dance lessons. It helps when unexpected things happen. I had decided it was time to leave my job at the church, so I went looking for a new job. In my search for the perfect job, I had three stipulations:
1) Flexible hours so I can continue to be a full time stay at home mom.
2) I am not a salesperson. That’s just NOT for me.
3) Somehow related to education. With my training, surely there is something I could find that would allow me to continue building my skills as an educator.

First, I considered being a substitute teacher. After looking at some childcare options, I decided that wasn’t going to happen.

Next, I contacted Wayland’s Division of Education about being an adjunct professor. I knew that an adjunct of theirs had recently moved away, so called to see if they had any openings. I talked with the Division Chair about some options, and he said he’d be in touch.

I didn’t hear from him for a while, so I contacted the Community Classroom. The Community Classroom is a part of Wayland that offers computer classes, art classes, and I don’t even know what else to members of the community. People can get professional training without taking a traditional college course. The courses last about two weeks. I spoke with the director of the community classroom, and was hired as an Excel, Access, Outlook, and Publisher instructor. The biggest drawback to this job is that the classes don’t always have enough people sign up so the class actually makes and my pay comes directly from the tuition paid. So, it’s not real steady income. Nonetheless, it met my requirements. The classes are at night, so I am still home during the day. And, the teaching environment is fantastic. I taught two classes during the summer and have taught two so far this semester.

After I got hired at the community classroom, we got a phone call from a lady who had recently opened a tutoring center in town. It’s like Sylvan, except you don’t have to go to Lubbock. She called Scott looking for math tutors. He wasn’t home, so I took the call. I told her that I would be interested in tutoring. Almost immediately, she put me to work tutoring a 7th Grade girl twice a week during the summer. After a couple weeks, I started tutoring another 7th grade girl in Algebra. My Algebra student came to the house every day during naptime. Her tutoring was actually through the school district, not the tutoring center. So, my name got put on a list at the school district.

Okay, that’s what I did all summer. Mid-July, I heard back from the Division of Education. There was an evening course available for me to teach. I was starting to work out a schedule, when I got a phone call. They had a different course they wanted me to teach. This one would be online, so I would teach from home. Fantastic! I agreed to teach it, so they sent me to Belton for training. I am teaching “Integrating Technology into the Classroom” as a part of Wayland’s Virtual Campus. Class started August 21st and ends in about 3 1/2 weeks. I have 14 students and just love it!

I now have four tutoring students, am teaching an Access course at the Community Classroom, and am teaching on the Virtual Campus. How do I spend my days?

I spend them playing on the floor with the boys, of course! Naptime is spent grading, making class preparation, and being sure the house is presentable for my tutoring students. Not to mention getting ready for my various “volunteer” activities like directing the 1st and 2nd Grade Choir and leading Acteens, but those are for another post. I will post about each kid later and how they’ve proven to me over and over again that it is worth it be a full-time mom first!



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