The Factory…

The other night in 1st and 2nd Grade choir, I was teaching the Hymn of the Month, “This Is My Father’s World,” to the kids. We were talking about how everything that God made has it’s own way to praise Him and that God made people with the best way to praise — with our voices. To this, a 1st Grade boy (who happens to be a distant cousin of Scott’s, by the way) raised his hand and said, “God did not make me, I came from the factory.” Choir is really not the most appropriate forum for me to negate what his parents had taught him (or had not taught him), so I did my best to keep a straight face and kept going with our discussion about ways to praise.

Anyway, that’s not the factory I’m referring to in the title of this post.

During naptime on the days that Timothy does not go to Three Bears, Timothy and I have a special time together before it’s time for him to rest. We start by going through a few pages of his “mama-school” book. He is learning his colors, letters, numbers, and shapes. We do as many or as few pages as he wants. Today, he wrote his first name all by himself! When he tires of the book, it is time for him to rest. He chooses a movie to watch while he rests on my bed. The last few weeks, he has chosen the same movie every day. He always asks to watch The Letter Factory. This is a great movie produced by Leap Frog learning. In the 30 minute episode, Tad, the youngest of the Frog Family, is taken on a tour of the Letter Factory where his dad works. He goes into a different room for each letter and learns the sounds that each letter makes.

Along with the Letter Factory movie, Timothy also asks to watch the Talking Words Factory and the Code Word Caper, both of which teach beginning reading skills. It takes about an 1 1/2 hours for him to watch all three movies, which is just how long he needs to rest.

The purpose of this post is not to give a review of these movies. It is to say that something is sinking in! Timothy is learning! When I picked him up on Tuesday, he informed me that he got a “stucker” and he proudly waved a purple lollipop. His teacher prompted him to tell me why he got it. He told me it was because he was a star. His teacher explained to me that he correctly identified the letter of the week (F), the color of the week (brown), and that he stood up in front of the class and recited “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater.” WOW! Way to go Timothy!

Three year old’s are fun. Timothy has made it through a pretty difficult stage and has emerged as such a sweetie. This morning, he chased after Scott and Emily as they headed to the car. He was screaming, “Daddy, I want to ask you something!” Scott came back to him and Timothy said, “I love you Daddy” and gave him a big hug. That was all he wanted to say.

We won’t send him to college just yet.



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