I’ve talked about how yucky boys can be before, but once again Timothy has enlightened me. On Wedneday morning, I gave the boys a bath. When I was done washing them, I let them play in the tub with the bath toys for a bit. I drained the tub because they have a tendency to splash and make a HUGE mess if I don’t. Once the water was gone, Zachary was ready to get out. So, I got him out, dry, and dressed. Timothy wanted to keep playing with the foam letters that stick to the bathroom wall. He was putting the alphabet on the wall. I heard him call out to me, “Mommy! I need water so the T will stick to the wall!” I told him I’d be right there to get him a wet washrag to use. Well, he didn’t want to wait. What three year old would? He yelled out again, “I got it wet mommy! I used my teetee water.” Time to stop playing with the bath toys.

The bath letters are now in the trash.

Later that day, Emily’s teacher called me. A child in Emily’s class had thrown up on Emily and one of her friends. Luckily, Emily has short hair so it was only on her clothes. The other girl has long hair, so she had to go home to bathe. The nurse had done a good job cleaning Emily up, but I did take her a change of clothes and checked on her. She was more concerned about her friend that had thrown up than the fact that she had been thrown up on.

Zachary does yucky things daily. It’d take too long to document all of them.



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