The Hymn Festival

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted to this blog. Sorry for the hiatus.

Today was Emily’s first public performance on the piano. She played in a hymn festival that was held at our church. It was a community wide festival with students of all levels participating. Emily was in Category I which required her to memorize and perform two hymns. She chose “Oh, How I Love Jesus” and “Holy, Holy, Holy.” And let me just say that tonight I go to bed as a VERY VERY VERY proud father. She did such a wonderful job. She continues to amaze me. You can view the video below. Sorry for the jumpiness but it was filmed on my digital camera and I barely made it back to my seat in time to start recording. In fact, I missed the first couple of notes. Sorry about that. Also, below you will find a complete list of all the judges comments on her playing.

Judge 1: Score = 97 (Superior)

  1. Oh, How I Love Jesus!
    • “I was totally impressed with your ability at the keyboard”
    • “You keep it up”
    • “You appeared ‘happy’ when you played. I loved that.”
    • “Fantastic performance!”
  2. Holy, Holy, Holy
    • “terrific comeback after finding that ‘darn’ F#
    • “Lovely job!”
    • “They should make miniature pianos for excellent players like yourself! Excellent job!”

Judge 2: Score = 98 (Superior)

  1. Oh, How I Love Jesus!
    • “good for you!”
    • “Kept going nicely”
    • “Always be sure where to play before you begin”
  2. Holy, Holy, Holy
    • “Nice secure playing”
    • “good chorded spots”
    • “You are already a fine musician”
    • “Lovely, nice prepared playing. Wonderful progress this year”

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