High Five

Yesterday, Emily brought home a perfect attendance award and a green bear award. This means that she had perfect attendance and a green bear every day for the 2nd six weeks. The First Grade uses Green, Yellow, Red, and Blue bears for their behavior incentive program. The green bear means they had good behavior that day.

Despite getting these awards, Emily was not happy when she got into Scott’s car when he picked her up from school. As he talked to her, Scott learned that she was sad because she did not receive the high five award.

The High Five award is one that is given to students whose grades improve five points from one grading period to the next. Emily’s lowest grade the 1st Six Weeks was a 95, so it would have been very difficult for her grade to go up 5 points. Her grades for the second six weeks were even better than the first, but none went up five points so she didn’t get a high five award. Scott explained this to her, but she still wants the award.

I understand the need to celebrate when a student raises their grade 5 points, but wonder if there is a way to honor those students that are high achievers right from the beginning. This is something that I need to put some thought into before the end of the next six weeks.



One thought on “High Five

  1. I seem to remember having similar delimmas as a mother. Carrie was a natural straight A student. She seldom if ever brought home anything below 95 herself and I can remember saying *Good job* each time she brought home of of those report cards, and I encouraged her to try to make higher A’s. Amy on the other hand had more difficulty making A’s so when she did I tended to celebrate a little more. That has come back at odd times from the girls — Now as a teacher I see the delimma also. As you try to encourage students to improve those how are performing at the top are left out of the celebration. When you come up with a solution to this age old problem let me know. I have a large group of friends who would be interested in the solution. 🙂

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