My Little Lady

probably noticed if you saw Emily’s school picture, but she’s growing up WAY too fast. Everyone with grown children tells me to cherish the days while the kids are young because they’ll be grown in no time. You know, I make every effort to cherish every moment, and it doesn’t slow the process down at all. She’s still shooting up like a weed. Lori and I have both agreed that we are very excited about the phase our little family moving into. We are getting especially excited about the lack of diapers phase.

I remember when Emily was a little younger, she and I had an extended conversation about how big she was getting. She had begun to insist that she was a BIG girl, not a little girl. This was a parenting technique we adopted to help her shed the diapers and move on to the BIG girl potty. Timothy is now to this point by the way, BIG boy phase, that is. Anyways, Emily would inquire about what she should would be after a being a big girl. It was especially an issue, when we had to tell her that there were
just some things she was not yet big enough to do. As I remember it, we devised the following order:

  1. Baby
  2. Toddler, or little girl/boy
  3. Big girl/boy (diapers off, woohoo)
  4. Young Lady/Man
  5. Grownup, which includes Mommy and Daddy

Emily still is such a little girl to me, but I see that young lady starting to show through.


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