I'm number two

ZachAndThumbAt least in Zachary’s eyes, I’m number two. Zachary has hit the phase where he GREATLY prefers his mother to anyone else including me. Whenever Lori is around, there is absolutely no way that Zachary would consider coming over and giving me a hug. In fact, if I suggest that he do so, his immediate response is to run to his mother and shout, “Hote! Hote! HOTE!” (Translation: “Hold me, Hold me, HOLD ME NOW!”)

Both of the other two kids went through this phase and it was fairly short lived. I’m hoping for the same is true with Zachary. It seems to be largely due to the fact that Zachary is exerting his independence and I am the one whose primary responsibility is to show him the boundaries. Of course, Lori sets the boundaries too, but she has enough time around him that there is plenty of cuddling time in addition to discipline time. I’m just not around him as much. It’s actually not that bad since I get plenty of
love from the Z-man when Lori isn’t around, or when she turns him down enough.


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