Ding A Ling

kettleofcompass.jpgIt’s that time of year when the Salvation Army braves the traffic and the weather to raise money for the less fortunate. The Salvation Army bell ringers, or ding-a-lings as I called them growing up, can been seen in various places around town including in the middle of the road on the way to Emily’s school.

Today, I was doing my best to not make eye contact as we passed by the bell ringer. Timothy, however, was very curious about the girl standing in the middle of the service road ringing a bell. He asked me what she was doing there. I explained that she is collecting money for people who need money for food or clothes. He thought about this for a moment and then declared, “I have clothes. But, I’m is hungry. I need money. Will she give me money?”

I tried to help him understand that the people the Salvation Army collects money for go longer than just a few hours without a meal. That’s a hard thing for a three year old to comprehend.



One thought on “Ding A Ling

  1. Hey! You did good though…teaching out children about people that are truely needy comes a little at a time. He will understand the older he gets…It’s okay if he doesn’t quite get it all yet…he will! He must be very allert which can really lead to a serving heart! Have a great day!!!

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