A Very Veggie Christmas Live

This weekend, we took the family on a trip to see a live VeggieTales show. For those that may not know, VeggieTales is a Christian animated series that has been one of our family favorites for years. In fact, I recently learned that the VeggieTales was the FIRST completely computer-animated series, ever. Up until a couple years ago, we had collected every VeggieTales video. We’ve gotten behind of late.

Anyways, in celebration of Zachary’s second birthday and due somewhat to the limited number of children at church that are Zachary’s age, we took the family to Grand Prairie, TX to see “A Very Veggie Christmas Live”. Ordinarily, we would have just had a typical birthday party for Zach but he just didn’t have enough friends to invite. Friends his age, that is. He’s a very lovable fellow with lots of friends including family and nursery workers, but, like I said, there just aren’t any two year olds regularly attending church, and that’s Zachary’s sole social outlet for now.

As for the VeggieTales show, it was very good. All three of the kids enjoyed it immensely. Zachary was fascinated with Bob the Tomato, hence the title of Lori’s blog entry on the event, Ba Bob!. Being over two hours and starting at 7:20 or so, I thought is was impressive that Zachary made it through all but the last 30 minutes before dozing off. He was utterly exhausted from the car ride. Because of Emily having school, we had decided to travel up on the day of the concert.

Speaking of Emily, she LOVED it as well. To quote her following the event, “I can’t stop talking about the show.” Her way of saying it was awesome. Of course, I know she can’t stop talking period but she had nothing but praise for the event. If she were giving stars, I’d imagine she’d give five out of five. Timothy, although much quieter about the details, obviously was enamoured by the giant sized singing vegetables on the stage. It was a great event for our young family and great memory.

For me, the highlight was watching the “human” cast members stealthily try to replace Bob’s eye when it fell off during the closing number. Just before it fell of, the ‘pupil’ slid down to the bottom of the eye, making the tomato look as if he’d had some sort of psychotic episode and turned deranged. Have you ever seen, “Return of the Killer Tomatoes”?


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