It’s not a Jewish holiday, but it is a pretty common word in our house. It came up the other day and reminded me of several new entries to the family dictionary:

  • Goint: This one took several days to discover what in the world Zachary was talking about. Apparently, to him, blanket sounds like “goint” so that is what he now calls his “night-night”. In fact, it is a very loving and affectionate name for the blanket. While in Granbury, we were packing and I pulled it off his bed. He was facing the other way and I pelted him with it. He turned around with a dirty look on his face not happy that I had done so, until he say what I had hit him with. He joyfully yelled “goint”, fell on it and wallered around the floor with it.
  • Memen: Each night, we close our prayers with “In your name we pray, Amen” to which Zachary joins in, “Memen!”
  • Lellow: Our first word with multiple, unrelated defitions! To Timothy this meant his Daddy’s favorite color (yes, it’s yellow). To Zachary, it’s his pillow, which it NOT yellow.
  • Don’t Like Pickles: One of Zachary’s first complete sentences was uttered over the weekend. When Grandmother asked if he wanted some pickles (actually, pickle relish), Zachary responded with “Don’t like pickles”. By the way, I don’t believe that’s true
  • Harundah: This is just one of mine and Lori’s words. It refers to anything that is horrible, disgusting or unfortunate
  • Ginormous/Hujungus: Apparently, we are unable to use real words to exaggerate properly. For example, look at this canker sore on my lip, It’s not just big, it’s ginormous. Oh yeah, well look at my bruise, it’s hujungus. By the way, in case you don’t know us, Lori and I are both the youngest in our respective families so we must compete for sympathy.

One thought on “Harundah

  1. Hrunda, different spelling, same pronuciation, has a totally different meaning here. We refer to anyone from India, Pakistan, etc. as Hrunda.

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