Sorry I haven’t gotten this up sooner!

Christmas has come and gone. We were blessed with great weather for both our trips to see family. First, we went to Canadian on the weekend before Christmas. Then, we went to Granbury for a few days on the weekend of Christmas.

Scott has promised to blog about some of the specifics of the holidays, so I am going to leave you with pictures. Somehow, Scott and I didn’t take any pictures. All these are from our parents.

New Years was a day like any other around here. The kids were in bed at their normal time and Scott and I spent the evening watching TV. We did flip over to watch the ball drop and had some sparkling cider at midnight.

The holidays aren’t over yet. We still have another week before Emily goes back to school or Scott goes back to work, so are taking it easy. It’s been nice. Today, the kids and I met some friends at the movies to see Charlotte’s Web together. That was the first time I’d been out of the house all year.

So far, 2007 is looking pretty good.


2 thoughts on “2007…

  1. We had a great time. Wish y’all could have stayed longer, but we’re thankful for the time we did have. Have a great New Year all year! Love you all.

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