A Boy and His Dog

It’s time Cramer and Lucy get mentioned in the blog. They have been through a lot the last 6 years.

When Emily was small, they were mildly curious about this little person who demanded so much of the attention that used to be directed to them. They would stand on their hindlegs and try to peer over the edge of the crib or the carseat to get a closer look at her. As Emily grew into a toddler, she really was not that interested in the dogs. She was content to pet them on occasion, but really paid little mind to them. They were just part of the crowd of adoring fans that surrounded her on a daily basis.

Then came Timothy. Cramer and Lucy saw him as little more than a meal ticket. By the time he was eating table foods, they had learned that these little people have a tendency to drop food from the table. This is when Lucy found that her calling in life is to clean up any food that makes it’s way to the floor. She’s good at it! I’ve even seen her attempt to eat something that she doesn’t particularly like. Timothy played with them more than Emily did. He would attempt to straddle them and ride them like a horse. His fascination with them was short-lived, much to their delight.

And now there’s Zachary. You won’t find a picture like the one above that has Emily or Timothy in it. Zachary is absolutely fascinated by the dogs, even if he can’t remember their names. He chases them around the house screaming “OOSIE”. He put toys on them when they are laying on the couch. He keeps them hopping. Cramer and Lucy have shown more restraint than I would. They will growl at him, but never attempted to bite. He just loves his dogs.

This makes the fact that he may be allergic to them even sadder. We will be taking him to be tested for allergies next week. He has battled congestion and cough for most of the last two years. We were going to take him this week, but the ice storm prevented us from going to Lubbock. Hopefully the snow storm we are getting this weekend will not cause us to put this off another week.

I never thought I’d find myself hoping my child has a food allergy. I’d sure hate for him to be allergic to the dogs.



3 thoughts on “A Boy and His Dog

  1. I remember Scott always loved his best friends of the dog variety. He may not remember Dixie, but they were great friends. And when he got older he liked Lady, and he really spent a lot of time with Samson, though we only had him for a short time. He had some allergies early on, but outgrew them, so there is hope for Zachary, too.

  2. That’s a cute picture of Zachary with the dog. I can just see him putting toys on the dogs. How funny, reminds me of our little boys and our 2 Siberian Husky’s… who all loved the snow we got last week here in the Dallas area!

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