It’s the Kracken!

Time to update the family dictionary with a few new recent developments. Zachary is verbose and the result is a plethora of new versions of everyday words. Plus, we keep throwing in a new ones from the older ones as well. In today’s list, even Lori has started using a new word in creating our weekly menus. So here it goes:

  1. Karckers: Although this reminds me of the “Kracken” from the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie, it simply refers to one of Z-Bob’s favorite snacks: Crackers. Actually, Zach is pretty liberal with his use of the English language. He can use words or names to refer to similar objects. One day he’ll refer to crackers, sandwiches, cookies and just about any food as “karckers”. The next day they are all “cookies”. In much the same way, both dogs are “Lutsee” on one day and the next they are both “Ramers”.
  2. Bupper and Munch: These happen to be a couple of Z’s favorites times of the day. You and I would call it supper and lunch, but to him either one is a time to sit at the table and eat. He hasn’t figured out when is which or what order they go in. But he still loves them and is ALWAYS the first one to the table.
  3. Blankick: Say goodbye to “Goint”, the previous nonsense word Zach made up to call his blanket. Apparently, all on his own, he recognized the error of his ways and has been making a much better attempt at the word. Not quite there, but he is very close.
  4. Luzz: This is absolutely my favorite word in family dictionary so far. It’s one that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Timothy does not enunciate very well when saying “I love you, Daddy” so it always comes out, “I luzz you, Daddy.” We are very open about such things in our family so I get to hear it several times a day and have even taken to using it myself.
  5. I’m asking you something: I’ll follow the favorite one with one that is WAY down on my list of favorites because it gets old. And yet, it is still very cute. If I ever interrupt Timo while he’s talking, even if he is just saying some random thought, he’ll reply with “DAAADDDEEEEE, I’m asking your something.” To which I ask what he wants to know and he’ll just pick up telling you what he was telling you. Usually no question was involved.
  6. Okay: Of course there is nothing special about this word, but I thought I’d mention Timo’s new habit of beginning every new conversation with this word, usually repeated several times. It is as if he has prepared a statement and is about to give a speech. I think it’s quite adorable.
  7. Reglo: “What’s on the menu for breakfast, Lori?” “Oh, its just reglo breakfast.” We have a set list of things we have for breakfast throughout the week and it almost never changes except on weekends. Nutri-grain or Pop-tarts or Cereal or Toast or Oatmeal. Just about every other meal is on a menu that we prepare so we can buy groceries for the whole week but not breakfast. We just stock up and put down: “Reglo.”
  8. Norr: When Zach runs out of food, whether he’s full or not, he wants “norr!!!!” (more!!!!)

One thought on “It’s the Kracken!

  1. I thought of a couple more and thought this would be a good place to put them.

    My eyes are juggling — when Timothy gets woke up before he’s ready and he can’t get his eyes to stay open. He tells me that his eyes are juggling.

    capri test — the pre-test that Emily takes on her spelling words

    kith and hut — how Zachary demands that he get a kiss and hug at bedtime or before Emily leaves for school.

    manby — according to Zachary, these are the peppermints on the desk in the preschool office at church

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