Double Doosy

Zachary had a rough time at lunch today. His incompetent parents allowed him to fall out of a booster chair twice and hit his head on the ground. Before you call the department of family services on us, please let us say that we’ve learned our lessons. One, Zachary is not quite ready to leave the high chair for good. Second, Zachary is not ready to sit at the head of the table. Even though he is in a booster all the time at home, he doesn’t sit at the end of the table like he was at lunch today. No, instead he is bounded on each side. One side is the wall, and the other side is mommy. Rest assured that he survived and only has one little bump. It blends in well with all the other self inflicted wounds such as from running into various pieces of furniture while chasing the dogs.

Poor Zachary. He needs undivided attention from his parents, or maybe just a helmet.


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