I hear drums…

Yesterday, Scott and I saw a commercial that spurred a conversation. I don’t know what was being advertised. I am guessing it was for laundry detergent since it shows a bunch of kids playing in mud. Scott commented that there is really no situation that we would allow our kids to play in mud like that.

Well, today we had a chance to test that theory.

This is the first weekend in three weeks that we haven’t had snow and ice covering the yard. The snow has finally melted. The sun was shining and temperatures reached 52, so Timothy asked if he could play outside this afternoon. Scott obliged and took the boys outside to play while Emily and I rested (we’re both dealing with nasty colds).

What are you left with when snow melts? MUD!

Timothy had a blast! I went out for a bit and he very excitedly ran up and told me all about the mud.
Timothy Playing in MudPlaying in the MudPlaying in the MudPlaying in the Mud

Zachary enjoyed getting the mud on his shoes, but was really more excited to find his toy duck that has been buried the last few weeks. Scott said that was the first thing Zachary picked up when they went outside and that he didn’t put it down until it was time to come in.
Zachary and his duckZachary and his duckZachary and his duck

Emily wasn’t too upset about not getting to play in the mud. She did finally come out to play a little, but she chose to walk around the mud rather than walk through it.

Our first experience of letting the kids play in the mud went well. We took off the boys’ shoes and pants before they came in, so we managed to keep the mud off the carpet and the furniture.

The “drums” being referred to in the title of this post is actually the sound of the shoes in the dryer now that they’ve been washed.



3 thoughts on “I hear drums…

  1. I’m with Emily; Go around the mud not through it. But, I grew up with a brother who loved to make floods, canals, dams, bridges, and mud pies so I know the attraction. I’m not surprised that Emily would decline; princesses don’t do mud.

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