Progressive Valentine's Dinner

I’ve lost my romantic instinct. 😦

Lori and I do not do very well when it comes to Valentine’s day. Neither of us received a card or a note or even an email wishing the other a Happy Valentine’s Day. How sad is that. It was the first thing we said to each other that day, but that was about it. On the other hand, we did do something particularly fun for the whole family in honor of Valentine’s Day.

We had a progressive Valentine’s Dinner. What is that, you ask? Well, I decided it would be new and fun to go out to eat for dinner, something that we do rarely these days. Instead of just going to one restaurant we would go to several, trying to hit a few of our favorites but only eating one course or portion of the meal at each restaurant.

  1. We started at A & W’s, where we all ordered ourselves some Root Beer.
  2. Next, we ventured over to Sonic, where we ordered and ate our appetizers: Cheese Sticks. (No, we were not concerned about the healthiness of this adventure. It was all in the spirit of fun.) Now, despite our warnings and suggestions that the kids try to make their drinks last, a couple of the Root Beer’s were drained by this point.
  3. We then headed to Burger King to order the best french fries in town. For these first three stops we went through drive-through only. This time we hung on to our fries until we reached our next destination.
  4. We arrived at Taco Bell and got out and took in our A&W cups and our bag of Burger King french fries. We proceeded to order and devour tacos and bean burritos with our french fries, a delicious combination.
  5. Lastly, we scooted on over the McDonald’s for some ice cream: the kids had cones while Lori and I split a strawberry milkshake. (I guess that was romantic, right?) After ice cream the kids got to play on playground at McDonald’s. Emily and Timothy made a friend while Zachary spent then entire time running “sprints” across the room. He’ll have to grow out of this current running style if he really wants to become a track star. It’s hard to pick up much speed if you don’t bend your knees!
  6. We hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!


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