Have Thine Own Way

emilyprofess.jpgOn Sunday morning, Emily woke us up telling us that she was ready to walk the aisle. She had dreamt about it all night and was ready. So, we asked her what she was going to say to the pastor. She said she was going to tell him that she asked Jesus into her heart at a Veggietales show on December 8th and that she wanted to be baptized. We asked her if she wanted to walk the aisle alone or if she wanted us to go with her. She said she wanted to go alone, but wanted us to stand with her when the pastor announces her. She had it all figured out. So, we all got ready and were off. She practiced her speech all the way there. I wonder if she told her Sunday School teachers about it too…

Every time the pastor stood in front of the church during worship, Emily asked if it was time to walk the aisle. We reminded her that it would be time when the pastor prayed after he was done preaching. During the sermon, she kept asking me what part of the sermon outline he was on. She was ready.

Finally, the pastor was praying and the hymn of invitation, “Have Thine Own Way,” began. We again asked if she wanted us to go with her. She shook her head and moved to the aisle on the first note of the song. She walked straight to the pastor. He leaned down and picked her up. She told us later that this is what he said:
Emily, are you here to tell everyone that Jesus is in your heart and that you are getting baptized next week?
Yes, sir.
That’s great! Go back to the seat and have your mom and dad come sit with you on the front row. In a minute, we’ll have you stand up in front to let everyone know about this.
Then, he put Emily down and she came back to get us. Timothy didn’t know what was going on, but was happy to get to come with us to the front row.

A couple other people joined the church that day, so we needed to wait a few minutes for the song to end. Then, he introduced Emily and asked that we join her. He had some trouble remembering all our names, and introduced us as “Scott Franklin, Mrs. Franklin, and Little Franklin.” He told the church about Emily’s decision, and asked that they come and greet her after the closing prayer.

Here is a video of Emily’s profession of faith that we pulled off the TV recording Tuesday night.

Emily walked out of church with her head held high. She was so happy! It didn’t even bother that she didn’t get to deliver her speech that she had practiced all morning. On the way to lunch, Timothy decided to voice his objection at the way he had been introduced. He informed us that he is NOT Little Franklin, he is Timothy Reagan Franklin!

I didn’t mind being called Mrs. Franklin. I am just so proud of my little girl making such an important decision.

1 down, 2 to go.



7 thoughts on “Have Thine Own Way

  1. I can still remember when I told my mom I wanted to go forward and make my public profession of faith. I hadn’t talked about it with her prior to that moment but I had known for a while that I wanted/needed to do this. I just needed a hand to hold as I went up there. I didn’t understand then why my mom was sniffly crying when I went up to the front.

    Now I sit here sniffly crying because I’m just so happy for Emily–it’s such a big step and I’m very happy for her and you guys.

  2. wow what a privilege to be a part of this life-changing event for the Franklin family. Now I am finally seeing a benefit in high-technology. As a fellow grandparent…..more importantly a fellow-believer in fellowship w/Joel and Clare….it’s such fun to REJOICE w/friends. Judy and Bill Garrett

  3. That is AWESOME!! And the video is cool too. Happy for you guys. I can’t wait until my little guy is old enough to make that decision too. God Bless.

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