It’s been a few weeks since my last blog. It’s not for lack of activity. Things have been moving at a pretty quick pace lately. I think a recap is due!

Emily was scheduled to be baptized on February 25th. Well, on February 23rd she started feeling bad and running a low-grade fever. The next day (24th), that low-grade fever climbed up to about 101 and stayed there despite the fact that we were giving her Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen. The poor thing was sick. She had plans to attend a birthday party in Lubbock that day, but obviously was not able to go. Sunday morning (25th) her temperature had climbed to 102, so we made all the necessary calls to postpone her baptism. Sunday night, she had a temperature of 103 so we called the doctor to find out how high of a temperature was too high. He told us if her temperature reached 104, we should take her to the emergency room. The next day was a school holiday (President’s day a week late because of the all-mighty TAKS test that had been taken the week before), and she seemed to be feeling pretty good. Her temperature had returned to the 100s range, and we were starting to see some resemblance of the Emily we all know and love so much. Luckily, mom and dad had come to town for Emily’s baptism and were staying to help us out around the house and to celebrate my birthday. We were on the 4th day of Emily’s fever, so I left the boys at home and took her in to see the doctor. I almost didn’t take her since see seemed to be feeling a lot better, but I was glad I took her when we learned that she had Type A Influenza — the flu. The doctor gave her a prescription for Tamiflu and instructions to stay out of school for two more days. He told me to call if anyone else in the house started to run a fever, and that he would call in prescriptions of Tamiflu for the rest of us. Great.

That was Monday. Emily continued to feel bad and run fever until Thursday. On Wednesday (28th) morning, Timothy started running a low-grade fever. By that night, Zachary also had the fever. Scott, Dad, and I were doing okay, but Mom was definitely showing signs of coming down with the flu. We kept working around the sickies. Mom and I painted the kitchen cabinets. When Scott wasn’t at work, he and dad did some drywall repair work (Scott is so proud of his new found talent!), replaced our range and microwave, and replaced our backdoor.

Thursday (March 1st) was my 30th birthday. The house was full of sickies. Emily’s (who had been the sickest!) temperature finally returned to normal, and we did manage to celebrate by eating out at Chili’s and Scott baked a cake. I got some canisters and a tupperware organizer. All in all, it was a good day.

Friday (2nd), Emily went back to school and mom and dad went home. It was time to return to our lives. There was still a lot to be done around the house. We spent the next week finishing some projects that had been begun the week before – repairing fascia boards, painting the kitchen and the utility room. Things are really starting to look nice and refreshed. All this had to be done around work hours.

And, of course, the inevitable happened. On Wednesday (7th), I started feeling bad with a sore throat and head ache. When I went to bed that night, my temperature was over 100. My illness seemed closer to what the boys had. My fever broke around 6:00 on Thursday evening and I have been on the mend ever since. My throat ached for a few days, but I am doing much better now.

This week is Spring Break. Since we’re all feeling better and don’t have to work, we are wrapping up the home projects. Rain has kept Scott from doing yard work (until today!), so he has been hard at work scrubbing floors, regrouting the bathrooms, and staining the new door. I have painted our bedroom and all the baseboards. The house is looking so nice. Today I plan to organize some closets and shampoo the carpet.

You may be wondering why we are doing all this housework. It’s not just crazy Spring cleaning. We are moving. Scott has taken a post-doc research position at Texas Tech. He starts June 1. So, we are returning to Lubbock. We’d rather him not commute, so we need to get the house on the market ASAP and pray for a quick sell!

Emily is getting baptized on Sunday. Hopefully we can keep everyone well until then!



6 thoughts on “Inevitable

  1. Hi Lori and Family.
    Sorry to hear about all the sickness. And moving, how exciting. I’ll keep you all in my prayers. We’ve just gone through the whole real estate & moving deal ourselves. Sometimes it can get pretty complicated.

  2. No fun! We had the flu at our house this year, too….It can really bog things down! Glad to hear you are moving closer to good ol Midland! Maybe that trip to the zoo can actually happen soon! Er…Did they finish building the zoo?

  3. Glad to hear everyone is feeling better! Good luck with selling the house and the move to Lubbock! We’ll have to stop by the next time we’re in town for a football game (which could not happen for another three years the way things happen around here).

  4. I hope that everything goes well with the move and the sale. I am glad to hear that everyone is feeling better. Next time we go to a game we will have to stop by.

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