A Real Man

On Saturday, my fatherhood, my very manhood, was put to the test. Emily received a play make-up kit as a gift a long while back. We had put off allowing her to play with for months, mainly because we didn’t want to deal with the mess it might make in the hands of a six year old. I finally gave in today, and volunteered to assist her.

I sat at the table today putting fake nails, blush, eye shadow, lip gloss, etc., on my little princess. I think it was convenient that I got to watch Robocop before bed to help recharge my masculinity.


2 thoughts on “A Real Man

  1. What’s with you and Jonboy both recently posting about your masculinity?

    I am glad you had fun with Emily. It seems she has the same affinity for press-on nails as I do — considering that she took them off like 30 minutes after you put them on her.


  2. It could have been worse, she could have been putting the make-up on YOU! Which would have really tested your manhood. Consider yourself makeup artist to the pricess. Max Factor beware!

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