Showing the house

Now that we’ve finally got the house ready to sell (as ready as it’s going to be) we have the wonderful privilege of primping the house before every showing. We have one couple that may be interested in the house and they came over for the second time today. That is particularly interesting since we just met with the realtor after completing the market analysis. In fact, we asked for the weekend to read over the contract. This means that when we are showing the house, it is literally “we” who show the house. We both agreed (Lori and I) that we really don’t know what we’re doing when it comes to maki the sale. For instance, do we hover around them to help answer their questions or do we go outside and let them freely discuss, without fear of hurting our feelings. We tried a mixture of both. We did force the children to play outside the entire time, even to the int of making Emily “hold it” until we were done. How cruel are we! Actually, we were less worried about her disactions and more about the mud created by this months well-abive average rainfall.

In the end, we’re hopeful in the quick sale of our house. But, we are being cautious about getting our hopes up. In the meantime, it feels like we’re living in somebody’s house.


One thought on “Showing the house

  1. It was about a year ago that we put our house up on the market, and I am greatly appreciative that we don’t have to do that again any time soon. The whole process of selling your house is stressful and uncertain, and no “nibble” is trustworthy. And there is the matter of keeping the house basically spotless 24/7, in case a family just happens to be driving by and MUST see the house with less than an hour’s notice (which actually happened to us). That wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t kids and cats involved.

    I always appreciated the hands-off approach from the realtor when I was visiting an open house or doing a scheduled visit. It’s good to have a human being there to answer questions and provide context, but following me around and the like is just plain creepy. And no offense, but having the owner’s kids around is also creepy; if I were you, I’d have one parent take the kids out to the park or Chucky Cheese for the afternoon while the other parent does the showing. You want to make the house as much of a neutral object as possible.

    (There was one house we looked at last year which had a guest house that the owner was renting out. The owner made a point of introducing us to the renters — a single mom and her 5-year old daughter — and making a big deal about how the renters would have no place to go if it weren’t for her generosity in renting the house out. Since our plans were to convert the guest house into an office and studio, and therefore evict the renters first thing, that was *extremely* creepy.)

    Hope you get it sold quickly.

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