Mac & The Wizard

Zachary has a new hobby.

The kid LOVES to talk. Most of the time he is just repeating everything Timothy (or whoever he’s with at the time) says, but from time to time he shows some independent thought. These moments can be quite frustrating as we try to figure out what he’s saying.

Tonight, he read the bedtime story. As he was holding a board book about David & Goliath, he would point at the pictures and proceded to tell a story about someone named Mac. We couldn’t catch all the words, but we know it involved a bear, a wizard, and a bat. It was great!

You’ve got to be listening for it, but he really has pretty good manners for a two-year-old. When he bumps into someone, he is usually quick to say, “sorry.” We’re still working on saying “please,” but he has gotten very good about saying “thank you” when he gets what he’s asking for. And, if we say “thank you” to him, he almost always will respond with “your welcome.”

What a charmer.

There have been few quiet moments here the last six years. While the noise level is high, it is changing. Crying has been replaced by conversation. There is still more crying and whining than we’d like, but there are times when we actually have some nice moments when we all just talk to each other.

Our family is growing up. What a great feeling! Next stop — no diapers!!


5 thoughts on “Mac & The Wizard

  1. I’m giddy to think that someday a reality of no diapers, toddler food or temper tantrums are in the line up….Hmmm….Then I’ll probably miss those days, huh??? HEHE

  2. They grow up faster than we can stop them. I enjoyed reading your blog posts and especially loved the ones with the video clips about Emily and her baptism. It was beautiful.

  3. So far, I’ve found every stage to be at least as good as the one before it. I love the unique humor that belongs to you and me and is hardly understood by anyone else.

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