I’m dreaming of a white Easter…

We had some firsts this Easter.
1. It snowed. Crazy!
2. We were alone. Plans with the Acteens kept us from going anywhere and illness kept anyone from coming to see us, so we celebrated on our own for the first time since we got married.

We made the best of it. On Saturday morning, we had planned to attend an Easter egg hunt hosted by our church at a local park. The snow made that less than ideal, so we hid our Resurrection Eggs in the living room. The kids hunted the eggs and then we read through the meaning of each egg together.

After dinner, we colored eggs. We all had a great time drawing faces and putting stickers on our eggs.

Then, we watched the Cotton Patch Gospel. The kids lost interest in it pretty soon, but Scott and I sure enjoyed it!

This morning, we all got up and put on our new Spring clothes. Before we covered them with our winter coats, we set the camera up on a tripod and snapped some pictures. It was not easy to get a shot where all of us were looking at the camera, but we managed to get a couple good ones.

After we got home from church and lunch, we had another indoor Easter egg hunt. This time we hid the eggs we’d colored on Saturday and some plastic eggs that Timothy had gotten at his school Easter party. The kids had a great time hunting them and then dug in.
Scott will get a video of the hunt added to Zone Defense soon.

This slideshow has some of the other pictures that we took this weekend. Most of them are from trying to get a good shot of all five before church, but there are also some from coloring eggs, the Easter egg hunt at Timothy’s school, and the hunt we had at home. Enjoy!


We’ve had a great holiday! I hope you all have too.


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