Who do you love?

Timothy: (crying)

Mommy: What’s wrong?

Timothy: I wanted to ask him a question.

(the insurance adjuster who was inspecting our roof had just left)

Mommy: What did you want to ask him?

Timothy: I love him.

Mommy: What? You don’t even know him.

Timothy: I do know him.

Mommy: What’s his name?

Timothy: I don’t know.

Mommy: You love someone you don’t even know?

Timothy: What’s his name?

Mommy: Damon

Timothy: I know him. I love him.

Somehow that makes me feel a little less warm and fuzzy inside when he says it too me, now.


One thought on “Who do you love?

  1. I know it’s odd, but this paints such a great picture of Timothy’s personality. It’s what we were trying to convey when we called him the gentle giant back when he was a toddler (and big for his age). He’s just so tenderhearted and loving.

    It wasn’t long after the conversation you referred to that he announced that he wants to be a football player when he grows up. We’re going to have to toughen him up a little before that can happen!


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