Developments on the homefront

We have been amazingly fortunate in selling our house, thus far, at least. I don’t want to jinx it by saying too much but we’ve have 3 interested parties and one has come through and put a contract on the house. There is a ten day option while they get inspections done on the house. The inspectors came today and, as far as we can tell, all went well. Of course there are a few minor details. A couple of them I have already fixed.

We’re looking forward to May 4 (when the 10 day option expires) so we can announce a sale. We know its not final until we walk away from the table at closing, but so far things seem to be going very well.

We’ll probably starting hunting a rent house in Lubbock shortly after the 4th of May. We hope to find a four bedroom to rent, or at least a 3 bedroom with room for an office/study. We also want to find it in near a highly rated elementary school with a good GT program for Emily. Other than these two constraints (and of course an upper limit on rent, itself) we are coming into this with an open mind.

By the way, I don’t know that I formally announced this anywhere on any of my blogs: We’re moving. I have accepted a position at Texas Tech University as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate. I’ll be in training for the field of bioinformatics. I have a lot to learn, and you can expect that Natural Blogarithms will document my progress through the transition.


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