Have you ever…

  • Responded with “you too!” when a waiter entreats you do enjoy your meal?
  • Leaned back too far in your chair and almost fallen over?
  • Out of habit, ended a phone conversation with “I love you” when not talking to your significant other?
  • Accidentally called your mom by a term of endearment generally reserved for your significant other?
  • When talking to a disabled person, make a reference to a faculty which they don’t possess (e.g., see you later to a blind person, or I gotta run to a paraplegic)?
  • Ended up up droplets of water on your crotch after using the restroom?
  • Laughed at a completely inappropriate time (e.g., funeral, business meeting, your own child runs into the wall)?
  • Called your teacher mom

Yeah, me neither.

If you had, I might suggest you check out The Awkwardness Survival Guide.  I apologize for the foul language at the end, but there were some good suggestions here.

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