Makes Sense

My brother and his family recently moved to a new house. While we were visiting my parents last weekend, we all went to the new house to visit for a little while. The house is very nice, but we didn’t go just to see the house. This was our first time to meet their precious 5-month old son Drake. Emily and Zachary both just ooed and awed all over him. Timothy really didn’t seem to pay much attention to him.

Well, this morning at the breakfast table we somehow got to talking about Drake. Timothy has a theory about where Drake comes from. Here is our conversation:
Do you remember meeting your cousin, Drake?
Yes, LD and Nicole have a new house and Drake was there so they kept him too.

Hmmmmm….. I sure hope we don’t find any babies at our new house.


2 thoughts on “Makes Sense

  1. Always knew he was more of a thinker than a talker. He thinks about it and doesn’t speak until he has something to say most of the time. He’s a lot like his Granddad. He never had much to do with babies either.

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