Return of the family words

I know it’s been a long while but Zachary has taken some everyday words and started adding his twist to them.

Pickle: What a dessert!! No, not the former cucumber, it’s the popcicle.

Like it: Zachary is the master of body language. He can use the exact same phrase to mean several different things. For example, “Like it” can mean, as you would expect, that he is quite fond of something. Say it with a big smile and a giggle. However, it can also pull off the meaning of “I absolutely despise this stuff”. All it takes is a grimace and a frown.

Heddy: Zachary loves to lift. Who knows, he may be the next Lamar Gant. He gets quite excited when finds things that are heavy but that he can still lift. He has a hobby of bringing his blanket to mommy and asking her to make it “heddy” or heavy, by rolling it up in to a small ball. I try to convince him that the word he should be going for is “dense” since the with of the blanket doesn’t change. He doesn’t listen.


2 thoughts on “Return of the family words

  1. He really talks pretty plain for a 2 year old. I could understand most of what he said. He’s just so darn expressive and cute!!!

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