The Next Two American Idols

The children’s choirs of First Baptist Church of Plainview performed their annual spring concert last night and we got to witness just how much our kids are growing up. You can surf through our videos on YouTube and see the steady progression in our children’s performance ability. Timothy sang in his first official choir concert last Christmas but you can still see that he is quite the newbie when it comes to public performing. I’m still proud of him!! On the other hand, Emily holds nothing back. She’s there to perform and perform with passion. I particularly like her facial expressions when she gets really into it. Yeah, we watch a lot of American Idol!

Let me also give some kudos to Lori (not the candy bar) for the ENORMOUS amount of time and work she put into leading the first and second grade choir this year. Having helped her a couple times this year, I cannot see why anyone would voluntarily put themselves through that and yet she does. I know that her time invested in their lives makes an impact and is a fundamental part of the church’s role in helping to raise children into godly adults. Way to go, Lori!!


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