Third time’s a charm

Yesterday was Emily’s dance recital. She was in Studio 2 with 12 other girls ages 6 -8 this year. Her group did two dances.

Ballet — Kung Fu Cuties

Tap — All That Jazz, Watch for Emily’s Solo!

At the end of the recital, there was an award ceremony. Emily and I had talked about the fact that she most likely would not be receiving the Dancer of the Year award like she did last year, so she was not just real enthusiastic about this part of the recital. She did receive a certificate of participation. We are all so proud of her and the work she’s done.

It was a great day, and one that we are glad is over. This is Emily’s third year to take dance, so we have gotten used to the hectic day that involves, among other things, plastering her hair into a bun, smearing makeup all over her face, and quick costume changes in a dressing room full of other dancers. The day went fairly smoothly despite all that.

Emily has decided not to take dance next year, as she would like to pursue other things. Up to this point, her plan has been to take dance lessons for 6 years (just like mom). I can’t say that I am real disappointed at her desire to stop taking dance lessons. It’s a lot of work and a long committment. I am excited about her trying new things. Her latest interest is gymnastics. She wants to learn to do a cartwheel so she can be a cheerleader. This could be fun!



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