May is filled with ceremonies. All kinds of them.

Last Sunday night was the Missions Education recognition ceremony at church. This was the first time we had two kids being recognized for participation.

Emily was in Bible Buddies. During their part of the service, the group sang all the books of the bible and then recited scripture they had memorized this year. Emily stood up there like a pro and recited James 1:22 “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” She received a certificate of participation.

Next Timothy was recognized for participating in Mission Friends. His teacher talked a little bit about Mission Friends before presenting the kids with a certificate and music CD.

Then it was Emily’s turn again. This time, she was being recognized for participation in GA’s. After talking about GA’s, the GA teachers gave the girls a certificate for participation and the girls who had completed their steps received a charm bracelet and charm.

Today was the Awards Ceremony at Emily’s School. The theme was “Lights, Camera, Action.” They rolled out the red carpet and had movie posters hung around the gymnasium. The kids came in and walked across the red carpet to their seats.

Then, the teachers introduced their students. Each kid came up when their name was called, shook hands with the principal, and received a white envelope that had some certificates in it. Emily received the green bear award (good behavior) and an Accelerated Reading Participation award in her envelope.


Then all the kids sat back down and the principal announced it was time to give out the “P” awards. First she was going to announce the “P” award for perfect attendance. This goes out to kids who were there on time every day and never left early. Turns out there were no 1st graders who had been every minute of every day, so no one received that award. The next “P” award was the Citizenship award. This award went to one boy and one girl from each of the 4 classes. Our hearts filled with pride when the principal announced that Mrs. True had chosen Emily to receive the Citizenship Award for her class. Way to go Emily!

The next “P” award was for Academic Excellence. This went to the kids that maintained an A average for the first 5 six weeks. Once again, Emily was called to the stage for a certificate.

Zachary is becoming a pro at watching his brother and sister in their events. His time will be here soon enough. He had a good view of Emily from my lap today, so he exclaimed “Hi Emily” over and over again while waving at her. As soon as the ceremony was done, he tracked her down and gave her a big hug. It was great!

On the was home, Scott and I talked about how proud we are of our kids. Last week, we left Timothy’s school feeling a lot like we felt today leaving Emily’s school. Timothy’s teacher had gone on and on about how Timothy’s sweet smile and personality light up her day. WOW! We probably shouldn’t be so surprised when Emily gets awards like the citizenship award, but we always are. We know she’s a great kid, but it doesn’t always occur to us that other people think she is great too. Mrs. True is always telling us what a great helper she is to all the kids in class. We’re proud of her grades, but even more proud of the fact that she helps others.

This is the last of the ceremonies for this school year. But I should mention another May ceremony that is significant for us. Scott and I were married 9 years ago today. And, like we did 9 years ago, here we are preparing to move to Lubbock once again for another chapter in our lives. Of course, things are a little different this time.


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