Cooking with Gas

This post comes to you from a new zip code! We’ve moved. We’ve been here one full week now.

When we were signing closing papers on Tuesday, I discovered that I had made a couple of wrong assumptions about the people who were buying our house. Shame on me!

First, I had assumed that, because we had purchased the house from a young family, the new owners would also be a young couple / family. No matter how much I tried to neutralize the house to show it, there was no hiding the fact that three young children lived in the house. But I was wrong. The new owners of the house are a very nice couple about the age of our parents. I can’t imagine someone living in that house without the constant noise that we created.

Second, I had assumed that the quick sell of our home was due largely to the fact that we had just installed a radiant heat range to replace the absolutely hideous 27″ drop-in electric range with coil burners that I had put up with for the past 7 years. While I am confident that the absence of the old one helped tremendously, I was just stunned when the buyers asked us if there was a gas line behind the range as they were hoping to put their gas range in there. There is no gas line, so I guess they will just have to live with that beautiful range.

Here I have lovely 30″ drop-in electric range with coil burners. At least it’s better than the one we replaced in Plainview. I should point out that we put in a radiant heat electric range not long before we moved from Lubbock seven years ago. It’s the mark we leave on houses that we own. Maybe one of these days we will actually be in a house that has a radiant heat range that I will actually get to use for more than a couple months.



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