Keeping the road hot

It’s a bit of an exaggeration to say we’ve been here a full week now. We’ve been back to Plainview four times in the last week for various reasons. Sunday morning we went to church and stayed through the afternoon to get another load of stuff from the house and to attend the Memorial Day picnic at the church. (Truth be told, we also went because internet was not set up here yet and we needed a fix!)

Tuesday we went to sign closing papers to complete the sell of our house, to return to the house to get the tree house from the backyard (thanks for the help with that, Jon!) and to sweep and mop, and hang around with friends until Timothy’s t-ball game that evening. It was a fairly easy day for me, despite the massive allergy attack that came from hanging out with cats all afternoon. Scott’s day wasn’t as great. Things didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped with the u-haul we had rented to move the tree house. Unfortunately, the delay caused him to miss Timothy’s game. This was a problem considering that Timothy’s ball glove was in Scott’s car in Lubbock. Oh well, that’s what the return policy at Wal-Mart is all about, right? And luckily Scott and Jon made it back in time for ice cream after the game.

Thursday we went to pick up a pencil portrait of Zachary that had been framed. If I ever find the digital camera, I will take a picture of it and tell you all about our pencil portraits. It’s something we started when Emily was 2 and we are delighted to have a complete set now. Timothy also had a t-ball game that day, so we made it to town just before the frame store closed and stayed through his game.

Today, I returned to Plainview yet again. This time was a quick trip to pick Emily up from a birthday party. She spent the night with one of her best friend’s last night and stayed until the party today. Luckily, the birthday girl was in Lubbock yesterday taking care of her cousin (well, her mom was taking care of the baby), so they picked Emily up to take her to Plainview for the night. If I’d been thinking, I would have asked if Emily could hitch a ride home with the birthday girl’s aunt today. Oh well, maybe next time.

Are you keeping track?
Saturday — moved our stuff loaded in a 26′ U-haul, a minivan and two cars
Sunday — went back with our two vehicles to get the rest of the stuff
Tuesday — went back in van and a 10′ U-haul, and later with Scott’s car
Thursday — went back in van
Saturday — went back in van

I don’t know how much more of this our gas budget can take! I think the only time we are going back this week is for Timothy’s last t-ball game this Thursday. Then we’ll have to come up with new excuses to go see our friends.



2 thoughts on “Keeping the road hot

  1. Thanks for giving me a break on the trip today. There were at least as many trips the week before the move with me moving my office down here and a lot of clothes, etc. It’ll be nice to settle down a bit.

  2. I feel for you guys. I would HATE traveling that much. As it is, one trip to Lubbock wipes me out. And usually, Amanda has to drive on the way up.

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