Father's Day 2007

Another Father’s Day has rolled around and I still don’t feel like I deserve a day in my honor. It makes me feel guilty for not doing a better job as a son on either Mother’s Day or Father’s day, or as a husband on Mother’s Day and my anniversary. Nevertheless, today is supposedly my day so we celebrated with a dinner out for lunch (50th Street Caboose) and playing outside almost all day long. Lori made a special new dessert, for which I don’t have name, but it was very good. I know it involved orange Jell-O, Instant Vanilla Pudding, crushed pineapple, cool whip, and mandarin oranges. Those that may know me will be surprised to know that I loved it. Why wouldn’t I? Well, I’m not really know for my love of fruits and vegetables. Meat and bread would be enough to keep me happy for a long time. And yet, this summer delight was quite good.

We did go to church this morning. We are visiting several churches to decide which one will be the best fit for our family. I look forward to documenting our search on here. Since we’ll be in Lubbock for only a couple of years, I can expect that this search will have to be repeated again before too long. I want to make sure I know what it is that helped us to decide both where we felt most comfortable but also had the greatest potential for ministry.

Tonight, it’s meatballs and noodles for supper and then probably baths for the kids and thus ends another freaky father’s day.


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