I miss cable

I don’t have much more to say than that but I do.

Here’s what I watch most often when we don’t have cable:

  1. Local News
  2. Simpsons
  3. PBS Kids (yuck!)
  4. Game shows like Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, . . .
  5. Shows I’ve never seen before: Last Comic Standing, America’s got talent, and something else I didn’t even find out the name of.

What do I watch with cable:

  1. Mythbusters
  2. Biography shows
  3. Lots and lots of scrubs and other sitcoms in syndication

So, after forcing myself to make those lists, I realize that I don’t miss cable as much as I thought. I think I just miss surfing. Flipping through 6 or 7 channels is just not as . . . challenging? as flipping through 60 or even 300. By the way, don’t ever get TiVo if there’s a chance you’ll get rid of it. It’s an addiction that is hard to break.

Now, don’t you feel sorry for me?


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