Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

We went to the drive-in theater a few days back and saw a couple of flicks. One, I liked, the other, I could have done without. I’ll save the one I liked for another day.

Neither Lori and I have been very big “Pirates of the Caribbean” fans. We have seen all of them but we’ve not been able to get into them. We watched the first one and liked it pretty well. Lori was in her Orlando Bloom phase and I was in my Keira Knightly phase (which is not quite over, yet). We eventually saw the second, quite a while after it came out on DVD. We were pretty lost because we couldn’t remember what happened in the first one. The same thing happened for this last one. We were a little lost for a while. I’m just not that intrigued by the story line, nor do I feel like it makes sense to have such an extensive group of theiving, savage pirates who adhere so closely to some pirate code. Plus, on top of that there are so many rules that they follow that it comes across to me like kids playing on the playground who just keep making up new rules for their games as they go. It’s the reason I preferred to play alone when making believe. Then, I only had to play by my rules.

If you liked the first two movies, you’ll probably like this one. If they were just okay, then this one is way too long to enjoy. For those who say its the best of the three, in my humble opinion, they’re wrong. I’d rank them as

  1. Curse of the Black Pearl
  2. At World’s End
  3. Dead Man’s Chest

I’d give it 2 out of 5 stars. Not one I recommend.

For a much better review of the flick, go watch my favorite video podcaster, the ninja at “Ask A Ninja“:



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