Full Circle

March 1, 2002
I remember that day for several reasons.
1. It was my 25th birthday.
2. I left on the trip with the Acteens that day. I had to be 25 to drive the church van, so I made it in just under the wire. It was icy that day, so I was a little hesitant about taking the trip at all.
3. It was the day I interviewed for a job at Kids First, the Mother’s Day Out at First Baptist Church. When I was preparing for that interview, I thought I was interviewing to be a teacher. I had spent a good deal of time considering which age group I wanted to teach. Emily would be in the two year old class there, and I had had a hard time deciding if I wanted to teach her class or not. It was not until I was in the interview that I learned that I was being offerred the job as director, a job I accepted and stayed with for three years.

Last week, I was trying to find a place where Zachary and Timothy could go to school this year so I was visiting a Parent’s Day Out / Preschool at Calvary Baptist Church. I hadn’t planned on this, but while I was there I found myself asking for an employment application. I spent the next few days filling it out again laboring over the question about which age group I want to teach. I finally settled in on any age except the two’s or four’s. I love my boys, but think it would be good for them to be with someone besides me once in a while.

Yesterday, I had the interview. I learned that they have two openings in the Parent’s Day Out — one in the babies (6-12 months) class and one in the toddler (12-17 months) class. Pending approval from the Minister of Education, I will be the toddler teacher Monday through Thursday from 8:30 – 2:45. I am so excited that I will actually be in a classroom, not in the director’s position. The director acknowledged that my experience as a director and my education degree make me overqualified for the class and she encouraged me to move to a preschool position if they ever have an opening, but I am really quite pleased with where I’ll be. That may change after a few months of working with toddlers, but I really think this will be a good way to transition back into a classroom. Working with toddlers won’t be that different from leading the teachers, will it? Don’t get me wrong, I liked being the director of Kids First after I survived the first year. It was ideal for me at the time, especially since I was pregnant during part of each year I worked there. My boss and I became great friends and I will never regret taking that job. But, a different role will be good!

Zachary will be in a room just down the hall. This is his first time time in a school setting since he was 6 months old, so I am glad I won’t be far away. The biggest program they have is their pre-k program. They have 5 half-day classes with 12 kids each in them. Timothy will be in one of those classes just down stairs from where I am. Then, at lunchtime, he’ll move into the parent’s day out part for the rest of the day. He will go on Friday mornings as well, which will be my time for grocery shopping and some one-on-one with Zachary. I’ve already started having some ideas for some one-on-one with Timothy and Emily.

During the interview, the kids were playing in a room adjacent to the office. Emily got to talking to a girl whose mom works there. Turns out she is going to be a 2nd Grader at Crestview Elementary, the same school Emily will be going to in the Fall. The two of them quickly hit it off. It’ll be good for her to see a familiar face when she starts to school in a few weeks.



3 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. I can’t imagine Emily having trouble making school friends, but I’m glad she already has one.
    Your lives have changed just a little since moving to Lubbock.

  2. Any caring, loving parent will be thrilled to have you as their child’s teacher – I know I would be!!! Warm wishes…

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