I Zacheeeee

Remember the post when I explained that Timothy had announced that he wanted to be called Timothy Reagan Franklin?

Well, it seems that Zachary is following in his brother’s footsteps. No, he’s not insisting on being called Zachary Douglas Franklin or Timothy Reagan Franklin, for that matter. He is Zachee. I really don’t think this is going to last just real long, but it sure has led to some fun conversations.

As the newness of having a two-story house has not worn off yet, the kids and I often spend at least 15 minutes each day sitting on the stairs talking about various things. This is generally when we are waiting for Scott to come home. The stairs are right by the front door, so it is a good place to sit and wait for him. The other day, Timothy thought it’d be fun to slide down the stairs on his tummy. As I reached down and grabbed his hand to pull him back up I accidentally called him Zachary, something I do several times a day. He quickly corrected me, telling me that his name is Timothy Reagan Franklin and then pointed at Zachary while he told me that he is Zachary. As is usually the case, Zachary chimed in pointing to himself saying, “I Zachee.” I responded to Zachary saying, “you’re not Zachee, you’re Timothy.” Zachary explained in his two-year-old way that he was not Timothy. Timothy was on the stairs. His actual words were, “no, I not Timo, I Zachee, Timo on stairs.” So, I started naming other people and Zachary would explain to me he is Zachary and would tell me where that person was. I learned that ANYONE that was not in our house at that moment was at work. And, yes, I mean anyone — Scott, Grandmama, Grandmother, Granddad, Granddaddy, Gran, Ol’ Granddad, Daisy, LD, Drake, Nicole, Mindy, Jonathan, Karissa. Apparently, Zachary is not any of those people. He’s Zachee. And, I learned that Zachary knows that I mean Daddy when I say Scott. Maybe that kid’s catching on.

This was not the only time Zachary has insisted that he is Zachee. For instance, if I ask him if he’s messed his diaper. His response is, “I not biper, I Zachee.” Or if I tell him that his bread is in his tummy, he’ll say, “I not tummy, I Zachee.” You get the idea. If you are talking to him and say the word “your” or “you’re” followed by anything besides Zachary, prepare to be corrected. Just so you know, he is not a big boy or a baby. He is Zachee.

This morning, he took it one more step. I said, “Good morning, Zachary.”. In response, he said, “I not Zach-a-ree, I Zachee.”

Excuse me, son. I really think you’re wrong on that one.


2 thoughts on “I Zacheeeee

  1. Hilarious!! I’m glad you blogged this one. It’s hard to convey the rhythm with which he says it too. “No, I Zachee” is like No . . . Izachee, where “I zachee is said quickly with a look that only Zachee can give: head down, eyes looking up at you, almost scowling but not quite.

    What a guy!

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