Texas Water Rampage

twr We’ve been shopping churches.  Doesn’t that just sound ugly or at least sacrilegious? I honestly miss having a church home but we want to be careful to find the right fit for us. We particularly want to find a church that we can become active in.  Lori and I always tend to dive right into church life and we want to make sure that we find a church that we fit into. 

Another huge priority for us is the children’s ministry. Because of this, we’ve kind of taken to visiting churches based on VBS schedule.  Each church we’ve visited the kids have had the opportunity to go to their VBS either the week before or the week after.  So, far Tim has been to 2 weeks worth and Emily, three of them.  Last week, four nights in a row, Emily went to Texas Water Rampage, a local water park, for Vacation Bible School with Indiana Avenue Baptist Church.  They would meet from 7:00 – 8:15 and then at 8:15, families could either pick up their child or go in for another 45 minutes of family swim time. We did this only once.  Poor kids have a father that just isn’t that into swimming.  He’s been scarred by 6 years of pool maintenance.

On the one night we went, the kids had an absolute blast. They played on the smaller slides for the younger kids, they went around the lazy river wearing life jackets.  But what is up with making them take off swim shoes? Emily did want to go down the BIG water slide. Timothy had a fit when we told him he just wasn’t big enough.  It made things better when Emily and Lori came back down the steps from the big slide realizing that Emily was not quite ready for it either.

We had promised to go a second time but backed out the last day. I made it up to them by taking them out to the drive-in movie again.  This is becoming a very regular haunt for us this summer. Can’t hardly beat the fun: two movies for 10 bucks for the whole family.


One thought on “Texas Water Rampage

  1. VBS was the highlight of my summer when I was a little kid. Ice Cream. Watermelon. My cousin would ride the bus from Big Spring to Pampa just to go to VBS. And Emily went three times. She must think Lubbock is heaven.

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