Summertime Fun

For the last 6 years, our summers have pretty much been the same. Scott has done research at Tech. The first week of the summer found us at Vacation Bible School. The last 3 years, Emily has taken swimming lessons for a couple weeks at some point. I usually have the opportunity to attend a week long conference at some point. We generally travel to visit our families for at least one weekend during the summer. Basically, we spend a lot of time at home. No major plans, just enjoying our time as a family. We’d like to take more family trips, especially now the kids are getting big enough to go camping. We did take a trip to Colorado Springs a few years ago, before Zachary joined the crew.

This summer consists of many of the same elements, but the move has made things quite different. With the exception of the year Timothy was born, this is the first summer I have ever not gone to or worked at Vacation Bible School. Growing up in a Christian family and being involved in a local body of believers just includes attending Vacation Bible School every year. But, as we moved two weeks before our church in Plainview had VBS, we didn’t sign up to work this year. Don’t worry! The kids have not missed out on VBS. As we’ve been visiting churches in town, we’ve had fortunate timing in that we’ve visited the day before Vacation Bible School begins. So, Emily has gotten to attend VBS for three different churches. I was quite surprised that Timothy was able to participate in two of them as well. They’ve all used different curriculums, so the kids have really enjoyed a variety. Zachary really doesn’t know what he’s been missing. He’s enjoyed getting to hang with mom and dad while Emily and Timothy were gone, especially when that meant he got to go to Krispy Kreme’s!

The one week in June that Emily was not going to VBS, she attended a Tiger Cheer Camp at her new school. When I was enrolling her for the Fall, I noticed a flyer and just knew that was something she would love. So, I signed her up. She had a great time. They met for two hours a day for five days, and even had a pep rally on the last day. It was great.
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Another new thing that Emily got to do was go to GA camp. Since we were moving and she would have been the only one her age going, we had decided not to. But, at the last second, a friend from Plainview invited her to go along with a different church in Plainview. It meant missing the last day of VBS, but Emily decided she definitely wanted to go. So, she spent a night at Plains Baptist Assembly in Floydada. She’s spent the night at other peoples’ houses before, but this was her first time at a camp. She had a wonderful time.

As in years past, I will once again be spending a week away from the family. I am heading to Kansas City, MO tomorrow for Blume, the National Acteens Convention, with the Acteens from our church in Plainview. This event takes place every 4 or 5 years, and I am just delighted that I will get to go with the girls for one last event. This year has been bittersweet as my first group of 7th graders became seniors this year. That along with learning we were leaving at the end of the school year made it a rather emotional year for me. It wasn’t always easy for me to leave on Sunday afternoons to go to the meetings, but I was always happy to be there once I got there. I have really enjoyed leading the group the last 6 years, and will really miss it. So, while I will miss the family, I am excited about this week with the girls.

Swimming lessons will take place again this year. Both Emily and Timothy will be taking lessons at the end of July at the Texas Tech Rec Center. Emily is particularly excited about this, as she went on a field trip to the Rec Center a few months ago and was quite impressed by the pool. She will be in Level 3. This will be Timothy’s first year in lessons, so he’ll be an Aquatot. Again, Zachary will be along for the ride. Such is his life.

Another new thing has been the amount of time we’ve spent at the library. We received a Frenship newspaper not long after we moved. The paper had a notice about a Summer Reading Contest called Joust Read that would be starting the next week. I learned that the Wolfforth City Library was located about 10 minutes from the house, so the kids and I headed out there the next week and signed Emily up for the contest. We got there during preschool story time, so we all got to listen to stories and do craft. In between VBS and cheer camp, we’ve made it back every week for a new load of books. Emily has spent her evenings reading and, last I noticed, is winning the contest for her age group. The contest ends on August 1.

So far, we’re enjoying Lubbock and all it has an offer. It’s nice that it doesn’t have to be an all day event to go to the mall or to target.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, it has been confirmed I got the job at the Parent’s Day Out. However, instead of working with 12-17 month olds, I will be teaching the older 2’s. Zachary will not be in my class, but I will get to see him at music time and at other times during the day. Works for me.



3 thoughts on “Summertime Fun

  1. Busy Times ,Sounds like you are having a good summer. Glad the kids are all well.
    Have A great trip to Kansas City.
    Love you. Olgrandad

  2. Hi Lori,
    Cute pictures of Emily. Congrats on the job. That sounds like fun. And I’m glad you guys are getting all settled into your new home and enjoying the area. There’s something to be said for convienence.

  3. gosh, I can remember when you first started teaching Acteens!

    sounds like your summer is busy! Our kids are starting their last camp of the season today – Early American where they will spend 6 hours a day learning how the pioneers lived, doing crafts, etc. Should be interesting.

    Glad you are enjoying your new town. (city)

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