Do you know where your kids are?

(This was written a couple of days ago)

We are traveling back from Granbury and the van is awfully quiet.  It’s not because the kids are asleep.  Nope, there are no kids.  Lori will be out of town all week and since I haven’t accrued enough vacation time to stay home and watch the kids, they will be staying at Camp McElrath all week long.  I have to say, I am pretty bummed.  Not only will the house be quiet each evening when I come home, and not only will I be miserably lonely with Lori out of town, but also the office will be quiet at work since my two fellow post-docs are out of town at a conference.  I am not looking forward to this week.  But, I am happy that Lori gets to go with her Acteens from Plainview on one last trip to the National Acteens Conference.

Can you tell I am having a pity party?  If you have any spare pity this week, send it my way.  I think I am going to spend a significant amount of time this week at work distracting myself with web designing and data mining.

Here’s what I will miss most:

  • Emily: the hugs I get as soon as I get home.  As soon as she realizes I am home from work I can hear her scream “Daddeeeeeeeeeeeeee”  She’ll come running and we’ll embrace.  I know that Timothy will follow with the same scream and the hug, but only if she does it first.  I can walk in the door when Emily is gone and all I get from him is a “Hi, Daddy” and then a tale about what Zachary did to him that day.
  • Timothy: his truly sensitive heart. Timothy is about the most tender person I have ever met.  He can make you feel his joy and his pain right along with him. I love to hear him tell me about his day and all the things that happened to him.
  • Zachary: his laugh and his smile.  My day is brightened by just look on his face. He’s always looking for fun.  He’ll do what ever his brother does but he always seems to have about 10 times as much fun doing something as anyone around him.

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