Two boys for every girl

Poor Emily. She lives in a world full of boys. She has some first and second cousins that are girls, but she doesn’t get to see them much. She’s so good natured that it’s not a big deal to her now, and I hope that continues. I was the only granddaughter of my paternal grandparents, so I have an idea of what she’s going through. It’s a little different though because she’s the oldest and I am the youngest. I’ll never forget the year that I got a hot wheel truck for Christmas, especially with it being on home videos. I always played with the boys’ cars, so it just made sense that I would want my own, right?

Two weeks ago, we were in Granbury. My brother and his family had come over for a visit. His son is now 8 months old. So, it was Emily, Timothy, Zachary, and Drake. Emily adores babies, so this was fine with her. He’s at a fun age now, so she really enjoyed trying to get him to laugh.

Last Saturday, we drove to Abilene to meet up with Mom and Dad after the kids had spent the week with them. We also met up with a friend who lives in Abilene. My friend has two boys, age 2 1/2 and 4 months. We went to the zoo. The youngest slept most of the time and Timothy and Zachary buddied up with her oldest. Emily didn’t mind too much. She’s good that way.

Yesterday, we went to a park not too far from here to meet up with a friend from high school. She lives in Midland, but has come to Lubbock on the weekends while her husband has been attending summer classes. They have two sons, age 4 and 22 months. Everyone had a great time, but I once again walked away with a picture of Emily with a bunch of boys.

Emily has two best girlfriends from Plainview. One from church and one from school. One is an only child. Her parents are good friends of ours, so she has pretty much adopted our boys to be her little brothers as well. And believe me, they get along like brothers and sisters. Her other friend has an older brother. Emily had this one over her first ever sleepover this week, so she got to have a little girl time. I could tell they both got a little put out when the boys kept traipsing through the middle of the barbies they had set up in Emily’s bedroom, but they still had a good time and even let the boys play with them once in a while. I imagine it won’t be long before she asks the other one to spend the night as well. She’s already gearing up for a sleepover with both of them for her birthday at the end of next month. She’s pretty much had that one planned since we moved.


One thought on “Two boys for every girl

  1. I remember growing up in a world full of girls. Seems that was all I knew in my family. I never imagined that my own daughter would be so surrounded by boys. So far she’s handling it well.

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