Learning New Things

A boss of mine once told me that if you keep learning new things, then you’re still alive. Well, today the kids started lots of new things.

Today was the first day of swimming lessons. We get a discount at Tech’s aquatic center, so we signed Emily and Timothy up not long after Scott started his new job. Emily has had three years of lessons and is in level 3 of swim school and Timothy is an aqua-tot since it is his first time to ever take lessons. They also have a parent & me class for little ones, but we decided against signing Zachary up.

Emily’s 45-minute class started at 10, so we got there about 9:55. Her teacher’s name is Emily and her lessons take place in the 4 ft deep part of the pool. Emily would participate when called on, but really spent the first 20 minutes or so clinging to the wall telling me how scared she was. I felt bad for her but really thought that all she needed was to have a little more confidence. This fear of swimming all started last summer, and I really wish I knew how to help her out of it. Timothy, Zachary, and I were sitting on some carpeted bleachers about 10 feet from Emily’s class. Timothy’s class is 30 minutes long and started at 10:30. Around 10:15, I thought it may be best for me to stop watching Emily so she can get through her fear. So, the boys and I walked to the other side of the pool where Timothy’s class would be. I could see Emily, but she could not tell me how scared she was. It worked out really well. By the end of the class, she was much more confident in her ability. Hopefully this will continue to improve through the next two weeks.

As soon as we got to the pool, Zachary started telling me that he wanted to go swimming. We hadn’t signed him up for a class, but I had him in his swimsuit just in case there would be a chance for him to swim. All the other times Emily had taken lessons, the boys had been able to hang out in the shallow end out of the way of the class. Well, there were about 10 classes going on at the same time so there was no out of the way place where I could swim with Zachary. So, I decided to see if there was any space available in the parent and me class. Sure enough, they only had a spot available in the 10:00 class. It was 10:25 by the time I got Zachary signed up and paid, so they let us join the 10:30 class for today. I got Timothy situated with his class and Zachary and I joined our group. The parent and me class takes place in the middle of the shallow end between Emily’s class and Timothy’s class. It was a good spot for me to keep track of both of them.

Timothy was showing no signs of fear as he jumped and stuck his face in the water. He was clearly having a wonderful time. Emily seemed to be enjoying herself, so I concentrated on Zachary. He was so delighted to get to go swimming too. He really liked sticking his face in the water and kicking while I held him on his front. He made friends with our teacher, Danny, by giving him a high five every time he came by.

At 10:45, Emily’s class was over. She called me over to the side and asked if she could come swim with me. While this was fine with me, it was against the rules since all the lifeguards were busy teaching classes so I had her sit on the side near Timothy’s class. After a bit she decided to get her towel and sat with one of the girls from her class for the rest of the time. It worked out pretty well. All in all, it was a very successful first day of swimming lessons. Tomorrow will be a little more complicated as Emily’s and Zachary’s classes start at 10, leaving Timothy to wait for 30 minutes before his class starts. We’ll need to come up with something for him to do while he waits.

Swimming is not the only lessons going on around here. Yesterday, Zachary decided that he is too big for diapers. So, for the final time, we are starting potty training. Zachary’s not had a lot of luck at it yet, but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel.



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