Nine-tenths of the law

Since Scott has started his new job, it is odd to see him without a packet a papers in his hand. He is reading tons of articles as he learns all about the exciting field of Bioinformatics. He recent gave a midterm in the online Algebra he is teaching, so test papers have been added into the mix of papers that he is often seen carrying around. Last night as Emily read “The Cat in the Hat” at storytime in the boys’ room, he was writing the key to his midterm. After Emily was done reading, we tucked the kids in bed and went downstairs to fold clothes.

After swimming lessons today, the kids and I were playing upstairs in their rooms. I noticed that Scott had left his test paper, a yellow notepad, and his blue pen sitting on the boys’ table.

testart.jpgWith exception to the answers that I cleared out, this is what the test looked like when I found it. Scott has been known to draw pictures that he calls conch art from time to time, but this is not quite what those look like. So, I asked the kids about it. It didn’t take long for Timothy to confess to drawing the picture. I told him it was a good drawing, but he really should not have drawn on daddy’s paper. His response? “Daddy gave it to me, so I drawed on it.” Finally it became clear that Timothy had decided that since Scott had left the paper in his room, it was his to do with whatever he pleased.

Hmmm… by that logic I now have a “little blankelet” (Timothy’s), a teddy bear (Zachary’s), and various other items that have been left in my room by the kids.

Sorry about your test, Scott. It has become a work of art. I am sure it’s not the worst thing someone has drawn on one of your tests.



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