Showing His Artistic Side

I’ve heard that the middle child is often the artistic one. Today, as we were celebrating Zachary successfully using the bathroom, I heard Emily ask Timothy if he’d been painting in her room. He confirmed that he had been painting, so I thought I’d better go check it out. Especially since I remembered that he had recently spent about 10 minutes washing his hands.

Sure enough, he had discovered the water color paints that she had brought home at the end of the school year. He had decided to mix all the colors together and paint various items in Emily’s room including the front cover of a library book, her TV screen, her new desk, the door, pictures on her bulletin board, and the top of her toy box. He’s lucky it was water colors, so it cleaned up easily. In fact, it cleaned up so easily that Timothy was the lucky one that got to clean it all up.

I really don’t understand why the boys are both fascinated with Emily’s room. I suppose the TV and various “big kid” items have a certain attraction to them. She tries to remember to put the most tempting items (markers, paint) away, but they do manage to get into some they shouldn’t from time to time. I don’t really feel right asking her to lock the door when she’s not going to be in the room, but I feel bad they make such a mess of her room. I try to assure her that they will grow out of this in time. I really thought Timothy was past this, but I guess he just could resist the paint.



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