All By Myself

The ride home from swimming lessons today was marked with the children telling about the things they had done at swimming lessons.

Z — Hold wall all by myself!

Today I got a little break from holding him through the entire class. He discovered that he can hold his head up by holding onto the wall. He discovered this near the end of class when the kids were jumping off the edge. He really likes jumping and I was trying to show him how to climb out. I moved him over to the wall and helped him get his leg up on the edge so he could climb the rest of the way. One of the times that we did this, he decided he didn’t want to climb out. He just wanted to hold onto the wall all by himself. He turned, looked at me, and said in true two-year-old style, “don’t want you to hold me mama, do all by myself.”

T — My teacher tied a orange noodle around me and I swimmed all by myself!

I had been a little surprised when Timothy’s teacher had told me that we didn’t need to buy floaties for swimming lessons. Now I know why. Unless you knew what was going on, it would be surprising to see three and four year olds “swimming” around the pool with a noodle tied around them. But that’s what they did. It worked great. Timothy did a great job.

E — I dived through a hula hoop in the deep end all by myself! And I wasnt scared!

Yesterday was the first time Emily was excited to go to swimming lessons. She got a little scared when her class moved down to the 10 foot deep water, but she quickly got over her fear. Her teacher is really good with her, and I do believe that Emily has turned a corner as far as her fear is concerned. It’s too bad we couldn’t take lessons at the beginning of the summer. She may have been confident enough to take the swimming test at GA camp so she could jump off the diving board. Today, they spent most of the classtime in the deep end and she wasn’t scared at all.

Good job kids!


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