Wrapping Things Up

This week marks the end of swimming lessons. After today, there are four days left. They kids have done great. For Zachary, that means that he is moving both arms at the same time as he “swims” toward a toy, instead of clinging to me (generally my swimsuit strap) with one hand and flailing the other one around. His favorite thing is still jumping off the wall and hanging on to the wall by himself. Today he discovered that he can move from side to side while holding the wall. And, instead of jumping into my arms, he jumps right in front me so his head goes under for a second before I pull him up. He is not real fond of floating on his back or of going under water, but tolerates it pretty well. When he comes up after going completely under, the first thing he says is, “don’t want it” but then he’s giggling and having fun a second later. When he floats on his back, he immediates flips back over to his tummy. We’re having a great time.

Timothy is doing great too. He is pretty content to play on the carpeted bleachers while the rest of us swim. Most of the time, Scott has been able to come sit with him. That has been a great help. In the water, Timothy’s never shown any fear. This is his first time to take lessons, and he has done great. The last couple days, he has jumped in after Zachary’s class so Zachary and I can swim him across the pool to his class. It’s fun walking across the pool with a boy under each arm. His class’ spot has a special riser put in so the kids can stand without hanging on to the wall. Timothy says his favorite thing to do is jump off the “special floor.” He always looks like he’s having a blast.

I suppose it’s because she seemed to be the furthest behind, but Emily has made the most improvement. She’s not afraid at all anymore. She swims through the deep end without any trouble, stops and treads water when needed, and even jumped off the diving board twice today. She’s loving it!

Swimming lessons is not the only thing coming to any end this week. Emily’s reading contest ends tomorrow. There is a special lunch celebration on Wednesday. As of last Thursday, Emily had read about 1600 pages this summer. When we were there last week, she was back up to the top of the standings for her grade level. It has been pretty close. She fell down to third a few weeks ago, when we hadn’t been to the library in a couple weeks. She has some books due tomorrow, so I guess we’ll get to see the final scores then.

Summer is coming to an end. It will soon be time to start gearing up for school. My job orientation is August 16th, with classes starting after labor day. Emily can find out the name of her 2nd grade teacher next week. Open house is the 23rd and school starts the 27th. Open house at the preschool is the 28th. That’s when I will meet my kids and their parents, and Timothy and Zachary will meet their teachers. The fall term for the online class I teach will start before I know it!

For those of you that may be interested, here’s an update on Zachary’s tooth. I’ve been on the phone with our insurance company and with the pedidontist that Zachary saw a few weeks ago. Insurance said they would cover getting the tooth capped, but the pedidontist feels it would be best to wait until Zachary’s a little older. We don’t want him to get scared by the drill and never want to see a dentist again. So, we’re going to wait. Maybe we can get it done next summer.

And, Zachary is doing great with his potty training. We had company this weekend, so we didn’t do much training. We’re back at it today and he’s already even further along than he was last Friday.



3 thoughts on “Wrapping Things Up

  1. I’m going to start using that phrase anytime things don’t go my way. “Don’t want it.” How do you think my boss will respond?

  2. That is so awesome that all 3 of the kids are doing so great with their swim lessons. We had planned to put Damaris in some, but my class schedule and massive amounts of schoolwork conflicted with that.

    Praying for your new job, your online class, and Zachary’s tooth and potty training!

    Have a wonderful week!

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