I’m all for safety education, but really?

Today was safety day at swimming lessons. If I’d known what that meant, I most likely would have skipped lessons. I was tempted to skip today since we were going to be pressed for time to get to the summer reading party on time. But, the kids wouldn’t let me.

Are you wondering what safety day means?

For the parent & me class, it meant that we got to watch a training video about infant and child CPR. This is a wonderful skill for parents to have, but could have been done much better. For one thing, most of the parents were too busy watching their little ones to really pay much attention to the video. Plus, the video and demonstration lasted about 25 minutes, leaving about 5 minutes of classtime. Our instructor decided that was not enough time to warrant actually getting into the pool. This was fine with me since we were needing to get away quickly and I am confident this didn’t phase the infants, but was not good news for the two years olds in the class. It would have been nice to save myself the trouble of getting him ready and excited to swim. He was very disappointed that he didn’t get to swim, and he was sure everybody at the pool knew. I couldn’t blame him a bit. I think the safety instruction would be better done in small parts during each lesson, but that’s just me.

The other two classes were better done. For the aquatots, it meant that their class would read a book about pool safety together and would then wear lifejackets in the pool. At the end of the lesson, they jumped off the diving board. Timothy insisted on jumping by himself, even though the other children in the class required a teacher to walk with them to the end of the board and hand them to the other teacher who was waiting in the water.

Emily’s class practiced saving each other. They would wade out into the water a bit and tread water until their partner came to save them. She said it was pretty fun, but she was ready to get back to diving.

After swimming lesson, we headed to the summer reading celebration. It was being held at an elementary school in Wolfforth, about 20 minutes from Tech. Once we arrived, we got in line to get balloon creations for the kids. After standing in line for about 20 minutes, we were getting pretty hungry so we decided to split up. Emily and I stayed in line for the balloons and Scott and the boys went to fix hot dogs for all of us. We finally got our balloons and were eating right when they started announcing the winners.

When they started announcing second grade winners, they started by saying that it had been a close race all the way until 8:00 last night. This made us all a little nervous as we hadn’t added anything since 5:00 yesterday. At that point, Emily had been in the lead and we really hoped she hadn’t been knocked out of the top three.

Turns out we had nothing to worry about! Reading almost 2000 pages this summer, she won the first place trophy! Way to go Emily!



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